Bourras Abbey

Daughter monasteries

Monastery Chalivoy

The monastery Bourras (Bonus radius) is a former Cistercian abbey in the town of Saint -Malo -en- Donziois in the department of Nièvre, Burgundy, France. It was about 26 km northeast of La Charité -sur -Loire on a tributary of the Nièvre de Champlemy.


The monastery was on a foundation of Hugues de Thil, the Lord of Champlemy, and his wife Alix de Montenoison first daughter house of the Abbey Primary monastery founded Pontigny 1119 (the same year as the Cadouin Abbey under his control ). It became the burial place of various lords of Montenoison. At the end of the Middle Ages, the monastery fell into coming. In the wars of religion, the abbey was set in 1568 by the troops of Wolfgang von Pfalz- Zweibrücken on fire. 1790 was one of the Abbey nurmehr three monks. In the French Revolution in 1791, she found her end.

Buildings and plant

Preserved are the house of Kommendatarabts that has been converted into a large mansion, and the farm. Near the mansion three arcades of the cloister have been established. Bases and capitals of the nave pillars of the church have been retrieved. The main choir of the abbey church arrived in the parish church of Varzy.