Lead Grey puff-ball ( Bovista plumbea )

The puffballs ( Bovista ) is a fungal genus of the family of mushroom relatives.

The type species is the Lead Grey puff-ball ( Bovista plumbea ). 86


These are species with small to medium-sized and aboveground angiocarpen fruiting bodies. They are usually spherical, sometimes also pear-shaped and sometimes dissolve at maturity from the mycelium from. The gleba is white at first, later olive - brown to almost black. A Subgleba missing or compact. The scalp is the Bovista or Lycoperdon type, transitional forms are possible. The puffballs have a two-layer Exoperidie that drops when ripe or in the form inconspicuous scales or flakes remains. The paper or parchment-like endoperidium opens at maturity at the apex.


The species of the genus occur mainly on pastures, grassland, dunes or in steppes.


The genus includes about 50 species worldwide. In Europe, the following species occur or are expected there.

Smallest Bovist bovista limosa

Lead Gray Bovist bovista plumbea