Bow River

Bow River in Calgary

Catchment area of ​​the Bow River

The Bow River below the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff National Park

The Bow River originates from the Bow Lake, which is fed from the Bow Glacier. Next to Grassy Lake, it flows together with the Oldman River and forms the South Saskatchewan River.

The flux is important for irrigation, for the energy and an important source of drinking water. The river is an important habitat dar.

The river is rich in fish. Long live rainbow trout, brook trout, bull trout ( Salvelinus confluentus ), brook trout and numerous smaller fish in the river. This is due to the suspension of about 45,000 fish in the Bow River.

Important tributaries

  • Pipestone River
  • Spray River
  • Cascade River
  • Kananaskis River
  • Ghost River
  • Elbow River
  • Highwood River
  • Linkston River