Bowen Island

Bowen Iceland is an independent island six kilometers west managed against Vancouver in Howe Sound, British Columbia. The island is approximately six miles wide and twelve miles long and has an area of ​​49.94 km ². It is self-administered ( Bowen Iceland Municipality ) and belongs to the district of Metro Vancouver.

The main towns are Snug Cove ( coast) and Artisan Square ( center of the island ).

On Bowen Iceland is the Apodaca Provincial Park.


When the Spaniards reached the west coast of Canada and the island discovered in 1791, they named it Isla de Apodaca. In 1860 it was renamed by Captain George Henry Richards after Rear Admiral James Bowen, commander of the HMS Queen Charlotte. By renaming the naming of the islands in Howe Sound was continued by those involved in the naval battle at the Glorious First of June.

At the time of its discovery by European explorers, the island was hunting and settlement area of ​​Squamish.

Bowen was until the 1870s largely uninhabited and insignificant until former residents of Vancouver homed and built here. Since 1999, the administration Bowen Iceland Municipality exists. The island thus became the second Iceland municipality in British Columbia and is currently also the only existing.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 3,402 people for the small island community. The population has thereby increased since the census of 2006 at 1.2%, while the population in British Columbia grew by 7.0 % at the same time. These residents come in the summer months, again about 1,500 people, which then temporarily residing on the island.


In Bowen Iceland are the largest employment areas of research and development, the construction industry and the education sector. Also many people are employed in the field of information and culture. Since Bowen Iceland is a Inselbemeinde not sit employers often in the community, but the workers commute to work on the mainland, mainly to Vancouver.

The average income of all employees of Bowen Iceland in 2005 was far above average C $ 44 813, while at the same time the average for the entire province of British Columbia was only C $ 24 867. The percentage difference in earnings between men ( 44 813 C $; provincial average = 31 598 C $ ) and women ( 23,999 C $; provincial average = 19 997 C $) falls in Bowen Iceland, based on the average income of all workers in the province, far more pronounced than in comparison for the entire province. The comparison to the province average falls different for men and women. In men, the percentage of sub Scheid is based on the comparison Province (~ 1.8 times the provincial average) significantly above average, while women (~ 0.97 times the provincial average) earn less than the average for all workers in the province. Male employees earn not only in comparison to the provincial average of all more employees, but they also earn compared to all male employees in the province significantly above average ( ~ 1.2 times the average of all men). The income of female workers in the province, although minimal compared below average, in comparison between all female employees in the province however, it is above the average ( ~ 1.2 times the average for all women).


Bowen Iceland (via Snug Cove ) several times during the day by the ferries of the BC Ferries from Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. The journey takes about 20 minutes. On these ferries, vehicles are transported. The last ferry reached Bowen Iceland here at 22.00 clock. Residents have missed this last ferry, so there is the possibility with a small water taxi from the government dock in Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove to arrive. About 500 workers and 200 students commute every working day with the ferry to the mainland and back.

On the island of Translink operates two bus routes:

  • Line C10; Bluewater - Snug Cove
  • Line C11; Eagle Cliff - Snug Cove

On the island there is no gas station.

Bowen Iceland in movies and TV series

Bowen Iceland was the filming location for several films and TV series. Among other parts were filmed here by:

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