Bowler Off Road

Bowler Off Road Ltd.. is a British low-volume producers, who specializes in off-road vehicles for competition use. Growing popularity the constructions of the company popular with both private participants in the Dakar rally and other rally-raid events such as the increase in the number of participants with bowler of eight vehicles in 2004 Dakar Rally points to 21 in 2006. The reasons for this comparatively low prices and the attributable cost of retrofitting rally events are called mostly.


In 1984 Bowler presented his first prototypes based on the Land Rover Defender and realized two years later a customer's vehicle, in addition to the base and the wheelbase of 88 inches (approx. 2235 mm ) with the prototype had together.

In the following years, this basic concept has been further developed in the light of a stronger focus on motorsport at different production models (see models). First that deviated from the company vehicle is presented in 2006 Bowler Nemesis, the base of the Range Rover Sport is.


88 " Tomcat

This 1989 model presented marks the first serial product the company Bowler; it had already been designed for competition use. The number 88 in the name of this vehicle is its wheelbase is 88 inches.

100 " Tomcat

1995, this variant of 88 " Tomcat with 100 inches ( 2540 mm) wheelbase was developed This measure was aimed at driving stability at high speeds -. At the expense of maneuverability - to improve.

Wildcat 100

1997, Bowler Wildcat 100 with the first model that has been approved as a new car. For the first time stable but serious head part of the Land Rover Defender has been replaced by a tubular space frame at Wildcat 100. The wheelbase of 100 inches of the 100 " Tomcat was maintained, but with the new frame design, the vehicle was lighter.

Wildcat 200

This model was introduced in 2000, like its predecessors, is based in large part on the Land Rover Defender and is offered in addition to that authorized for the regular road version with special modifications for certain motor sports classes or events.

Specifically, these are:

  • Wildcat 200 European Baja
  • Wildcat 200 Dakar

The wheelbase is the Wildcat 200 106 inches (about 2692 mm). The central element of this model is a tubular space frame, on which rests a body made ​​of composite materials, as already in its predecessor. As engines are Land Rover V8 engines with 4.0 and 4.6 liters for use, a 5.0 - liter version was in January 2007 at the experimental stage. Also, also designed by Land Rover 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine (designation: TD5 ) is offered for the Bowler Wildcat 200. For gasoline engines Bowler offers performance improvements in four stages. Front and rear axle constructions of the Wildcat 200 come from the Land Rover Discovery S11.


The Nemesis is the latest model of the company Bowler (as of January 2007). It is based on the Range Rover Sport. As engines two petrol units are used: a 4.4-liter naturally aspirated and supercharged 4.2-liter variant.


The EXR is a further development of the Nemesis and was introduced in 2010. It has a 5.0 -liter V8 engine and satisfied, like its predecessor, the requirements of the T1 class of the FIA. Under the name EXR S is also a version for everyday use is available for the first time. The EXR S has convenient features such as dual-zone air conditioning, leather seats, radio key and optional waiver of the roll cage.