Box Office Mojo

Box Office Mojo is an American website that reports on business for cinema films.


The English-language website was founded by Brandon Gray 1999. Sean Saulsbury was from 2002, whose partner and together they built from the site so that the site monthly has up to 2 million visitors. In July 2008, Box Office Mojo Internet Movie Database, a subsidiary of purchased. Then games such as Fantasy Box Office and Create A Year of Movies were stopped for financial reasons. The Forum with over 15,000 users was officially closed on November 2, 2011. Since then, all registered users are redirected to the Internet Movie Database.

Principle of operation

Box Office Mojo collects the weekly Box office from 50 countries and features the historic Box office from 53 countries. For occasional films are business for up to 107 countries. With this information, statistics and tables are compiled, the common data from the U.S. and Canada ( Domestic ') separately from the box office of the rest of the world (' Foreign ' ) can be specified.