Bozner Bergsteigerlied

The Bolzano Climbers song, also known as South Tyrolean homeland song ( with the starting line "Well, the world is so big and wide ..."), applies not only to the Tyrolean anthem as the unofficial anthem of the Tyrol. The text, 7 verses each connected to the same refrain, was written in 1926 by Karl Felderer to the tune of an old Tyrolean craftsmen song. The Gasthaus Weber in the moss on the Ritten, where Felderer wrote the song, an appropriate plaque is attached.


The song was written in the time of the strongest Italianisation the non- Italian-speaking population of South Tyrol. Presumably it has one as soon get such a high priority in the self-understanding of South Tyrol.

The song is called South Tyrol ( a name to use was banned in 1926 ) is not explicit. Instead, South Tyrol geographical spread is described: In the first stanza is displayed with the Eisackquelle and Salurn the north- south extent, in the second stanza with the Ortler and the Sesto Dolomites ( Haunold ) the east-west extension. In the following verses various landmarks of South Tyrol are described (for example the Schlern and the rose garden).

Pictures of Bozner Bergsteigerlied