BP-5 Compact Food

BP-5 and NRG -5 are the names for a compact emergency food ( " Compact emergency food " ) or Komprimatverpflegung designated solid food product, which is characterized by a long shelf life, high nutritional value and a relatively small volume. It is used for these reasons of aid organizations in coping with famine and similar disasters as emergency rations in the military field and in research expeditions and private individuals in outdoor tourism.

Composition and use

BP-5 is prepared in the form of sponge - cakes and can be consumed immediately processed in solid form, with hot or cold water to form a slurry or stirred into milk without preparation. The contents of a package consists of two blocks with a weight of 28 grams. The shelf life in vacuum-packed state is indicated by at least five years, but in practice is a function of the storage conditions usually more than ten years. Cultural or religious objections to the consumption of BP-5 are not known.

Main ingredient, with a share of around 60 percent toasted wheat flour, malt extract and also sugar and soy protein concentrate are included. In addition, BP-5 is enriched with vitamins and minerals. It does not contain ingredients of animal origin, no lactose and can be used for the diet of adults, children and young people and young children from the age of three to four months. The energy content of around 1066 kilojoules (255 kilocalories ) per bar, which is about 19237 kJ ( 4600 kcal) per kilogram of BP-5, the content of carbohydrates, fats and proteins is around 60.2 percent, 17.3 percent, or 14, 5 percent. The taste is slightly sweet.

The price for a 500 - gram pack with nine bars of two blocks, sufficient for the daily requirement of an adult person who is around 1.50 euros for distribution to charities, the commercial price in Germany is BP-5 at around eight euros or NRG -5 at around six euros for individuals. Manufacturer under the product name " BP-5 " is the company GC Rieber Compact AS in Norway, under the name " NRG- 5" the company MSI GmbH from Friedrichsdorf in Hessen. BP-5 and NRG -5 are almost identical in terms of ingredients and the energy content, but differ in taste and packaging.

A similar product, which was developed specifically for the treatment of acute malnutrition in the field of humanitarian aid, is pressed into the mold bars peanut butter paste Plumpy'nut product.