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Location of Brachstedt in Peter Berg ( Saalekreis )

Church of St. Michael Brachstedt

Brachstedt is a town in the municipality Petersberg in the Saale district, in Saxony -Anhalt ( Germany ). It consists of the districts Brachstedt, High and Wurp.

Geography and transport

Brachstedt located 10 km northeast of Halle ( Saale).

After Hall runs weekdays the bus 305 of the Omnibus operation Saalkreis (OBS ). Three other OBS lines (308, 340 and 348 ) are used primarily to transport students. In addition, in all these lines daily hourly bus services call. It is the rate of the regional public transport network.

The nearest railway station is on the railway line Niemberg Magdeburg -Leipzig, about five kilometers southeast of Brachstedt.

The connection point Halle- Tornau the motorway A14 Magdeburg -Leipzig is located about four kilometers southwest of Brachstedt.


Brachstedt was first mentioned in 952 as marca Brehstedi. Findings point to a much earlier settlement.

Until the formation of the unified community Petersberg on 1 January 2010 Brachstedt was an independent municipality in the administrative community Götschetal - Petersberg with the associated hamlets of High and Wurp. Last mayor Brachstedts was Gerhard Müller.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " About three golden plowshares occupied green Wellschildfuß in gold a red scale on a red upright sword of flame. " The plowshares point to agriculture, the sign foot of the hills ( Abatassinenberg, roof, Steinberg, Gunther Berg, Burgstetten ) back. The scale indicates the time when Brachstedt was Erzpriestersitz with ecclesiastical jurisdiction. The sword is that of St. Michael, the church is dedicated.

Partner communities

  • Fürfeld ( Rhineland -Palatinate )
  • Tymbark (Poland )


  • Herbert Rapp Silver (1925-2003), football player and coach