The Brachtpe is a 10.5 km long tributary of the Biggetalsperre and thus an orographic left tributary of the Bigge in the North Rhine-Westphalian district of Olpe, Germany.


The river rises immediately to the east of the taps in the Oberbergisch district. The source is located at an altitude of 435 m above sea level. NN in a small artificial pond. To the east flowing down the Brachtpe reached after about 500 meters the district of Olpe. Here you will flow to cough over after Iseringhausen. About a kilometer east of the village, the creek turns to the northeast, flowing east to west Fohrt and at the place Brachtpe over after Berling Hausen. Below the village opens the rose before the creek to 307 m above sea level. Opens into the NN Biggetalsperre. With a height difference of 128 meters is the average bed slope between the source and mouth of 12.2 ‰.

The 49.398 km ² large catchment area covers large parts of the city Drolshagen and is drained by Bigge, Lenne, Ruhr and Rhine to the North Sea through.


The most important tributary of the Brachtpe is the rose with a length of 8.1 km. With a 26.241 km ² large catchment area the Rose contributes to about 50 % to the catchment area of ​​the Brachtpe at. The following are the tributaries of the Brachtpe are called, which are listed in the directory waters.

Note: Frenk Hauser Siepen opens into the Biggetalsperre. Before the construction of the dam the creek flowed into the Brachtpe.