Brad Henry

Charles Bradford "Brad" Henry ( born June 10, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma ) is an American politician (Democratic Party) and a former Governor of the State of Oklahoma.

After he had completed the Shawnee High School, he attended the University of Oklahoma, where in 1985 he earned a Bachelor in Economics and in 1988 completed his studies in law. Then he returned to Shawnee to work at the law firm of his father, who was also a lawyer.

From 1992 until his election as Governor, he was a member of the Senate of Oklahoma. In 2002, he won with 43 ​​percent of the vote, the election for governor against Republican Steve Largent and the Independent Gary Richardson; In November 2006 he was re-elected, he said, this time with a share of 66 percent who beat Ernest Istook. Because the State Constitution limits the term of office of a governor for eight years, Henry could not compete for re-election in 2010. He was succeeded in January 2011, the Republican Mary Fallin, who held office from 2003 to 2007 as its Deputy Governor and in choosing their own successor in this post, Jari Askins, defeated.

He is married to Kim Henry (born Blain ) and has three daughters.