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Template: Infobox city in Portugal / maintenance / management location is empty Template: Infobox city in Portugal / Maintenance / Web page is blank Braga [' bɾagɐ ] is a city and a district in the north of Portugal and the capital of the district of the same name. The city is divided into 23 municipalities, had about 182,000 inhabitants in 2011. Braga is the seat of the Archbishop - Primate of Portugal. In 2012 it was European Youth Capital.

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The city


The European route E805 performs Braga.


The Iron Age Bracari called the place might Bracari. A pre-Roman settlement of the place is not busy.

Approximately 138/37 BC the Romans conquered under Decimus Brutus the country. They founded in the year 3 BC at this point the Roman city of Augusta Bracara oppidum and made it the capital of the conventus Bracarensis, 283 of the province Gallaecia. During the Migration Braga 411 was capital of the kingdom of the Suevi, the Visigoths was 586. 561 and 572 found in Braga held councils who condemned pagan practices.

After 711, the area fell to the Moors, but managed to Christians in the early Reconquista, the conquest, with Braga Porto was part of the county, which developed into the kingdom of Portugal.

It is not known when Braga got the Charter.


  • Grundig produced in the factory Braga on- board units for the German truck toll system Toll Collect.
  • Delphi Grundig produce in the factory Braga car radios and navigation systems for original equipment manufacturers in Europe and North America.
  • Robert Bosch GmbH produced in Braga factory car radios, navigation systems and other electronic products for original equipment manufacturers in Europe, North America and Asia.

Public institutions

Educational institutions

  • The University of Minho
  • The Catholic University of Portugal

Leisure and sports facilities

  • The football stadium Estádio Municipal de Braga football club SC Braga, in which took place two games of the 2004 European Football Championship.
  • The sports hall complex Pavilhão Flávio Sá Leite is home to the ABC Braga, one of the most successful handball clubs in Portugal.

Culture and sights


  • Fonte do Ídolo (Romans Age rock wall with reliefs and source)
  • Praça da República ( the main square )
  • Jardim de Santa Bárbara
  • Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary ( about 5 km northeast of Braga) with Elevador do Bom Jesus
  • Santuário do Sameiro, the second largest Marian shrine to Fatima Portugal
  • Estádio Municipal ( football stadium )
  • Church of Santa Cruz
  • Cathedral Sé Velha the Capela dos Reis ( Royal Chapel ). Here is the 1513 -built tombs of Henry of Burgundy († 1122) and his wife Teresa are († 1130) and the Tomb of the 1397 late Archbishop Lourenço Vicente Coutinho.
  • The Capela de São Geraldo with wooden recumbent figure of the archbishop.
  • The Capela da Glória with murals in Mudéjar style, and the sarcophagus of Archbishop Gonçalo Pereira ( † 1336 )
  • The chapel tower, in the Flemish tomb of the Infante Afonso (1400) is kept in gilded copper.
  • The late Gothic choir
  • The Manueline font
  • The Council Chapel with the presentation of the life of the first bishop of Braga, São Pedro de Rates from azulejos panels
  • The " Religious Art Museum " of the Museu da Sé Cathedral, with the São Geraldo - Chalice
  • The cloister
  • The treasury


  • Theatro Circo
  • Espaço Alternativo PT

Regular events

  • Braga Jazz (March)
  • Book Fair (March)
  • Feira Romana (May)
  • Processions on the feast of John the Baptist ( 23-24. June)
  • Mimarte - Theater Festival (July )
  • International Folklore Festival (August)

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Domingos Leite Pereira (1882-1956), Prime Minister of Portugal
  • José Luís da Cruz Vilaça (* 1944), legal scholar and university teacher
  • Isabel Pires de Lima ( born 1952 ), politician and cultural theorist
  • Miguel Macedo ( born 1959 ), lawyer and politician, Minister of the Interior in the cabinet Passos Coelho
  • António da Conceição Silva Oliveira ( b. 1961 ), football player and coach
  • Carlos Carvalhal (born 1965 ), football player and coach
  • Maria Luís Albuquerque ( born 1967), economist and university professor, finance minister from July 1, 2013
  • Ricardo Rio (born 1973 ), politician, mayor of Braga
  • Filipe Oliveira ( born 1984 ), football player
  • Emanuel Silva ( born 1985 ), canoeist
  • Carole da Silva Costa ( * 1991), football player



  • Images from the City

Bom Jesus do Monte - Via Sacra of 600 steps, 14 station chapels

Bom Jesus do Monte - Part of the garden

Bom Jesus do Monte - artificial stalactite cave

Bom Jesus do Monte - Interior of the Church

Bom Jesus do Monte

Bom Jesus do Monte - mountain station of the cable car

Santuário do Sameiro - to Fatima, the second largest Marian shrine in Portugal

Christmas 2010 in Braga

The circle


Braga is the seat of the homonymous district. The neighboring districts are (clockwise starting from the north ): Amares, Póvoa de Varzim, Guimarães, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Barcelos and Vila Verde.

The following parishes ( freguesias ) lying in circle Braga:

  • Panóias
  • Parada de Tibães
  • Passos
  • Pedralva
  • Pousada
  • Priscos
  • Real
  • Ruílhe
  • Santa Lucrécia de Algeriz
  • Santo Estêvão do Penso
  • São João do Souto
  • São José de São Lázaro
  • São Mamede de Este
  • São Paio de Merelim
  • São Pedro de Este
  • São Pedro de Merelim