Braillans is a commune in the French department Doubs in the Franche -Comté.


Braillans is located at 350 m, about 10 km northeast of the city of Besançon (air line). The village is located in the rolling countryside between the river valleys of Doubs and Ognon, in a valley in the forest area of the Forêt de Chailluz, between the mountain ranges of the Bois de Sassy in the South and Grande Côte ( to the Fort de la Dame Blanche ) in the north.

The area of ​​1.95 km ² municipal area includes a portion in the extreme north- western ridges of the Jura. The main part of the area is occupied by a depression in the Forêt de Chailluz in which is situated the island of clearing Braillans. To the north, the municipality's area stretches up the wooded slopes of the Grande Côte. Here the highest elevation of Braillans is achieved with 450 m. This ridge forms in geological- tectonic respects an anticline and is oriented along the strike of the Jura Mountains in the southwest-northeast.

Neighboring communities of Braillans are Vieilley in the north, Marchaux in the east, Thise in the south and in the west of Besançon.


With 156 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) Braillans is one of the smallest municipalities of the department of Doubs. Once the population has consistently had in the first half of the 20th century in the area of ​​23-67 people, a significant population increase has been recorded since the early 1970s.

Economy and infrastructure

Braillans was until well into the 20th century a predominantly by agriculture (crops, orchards and livestock ) and forestry embossed village. In addition, there are today some of the local small business enterprises (civil engineering, Painting ). Meanwhile, the village has also changed into a residential community. Many workers are therefore commuters who engage in the agglomeration Besançon their work.

The village has good transport links. It lies on the secondary road that leads from Besancon to Rougemont. The nearest links to the A36 motorway, which crosses the municipality, is located at a distance of about 6 km.

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  • Municipality in the department of Doubs
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