Branov ( German Branow, 1939-45 Baranya ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is situated 18 kilometers northwest of Beroun and belongs to Okres Rakovník.


Branov is located at a bend in the river on the right side above the valley of Berounka on a hill in the Highlands Křivoklátská. The village is situated in the conservation area Krivoklatsko. To the north rise the Porostlina (454 m) and the Americas ( 413 m ) in the east of Beraník ( 498 m), southeast of the Mokřinka ( 466 m) and the Výrův Kopec ( 481 m), in the south of Vysoký Tok (546 m ) and the Štulec ( 539 m ) and the west Dlouhá hora ( 399 m).

Neighboring towns are Velka Buková in the north, Křivoklát, Višňová and Roztoky in the northeast, Údolí hříchů in the east, Leontýn, Pustá Seč, Branovská Vrata, Nový Jáchymov, Stara Ohrada and Karlov in the southeast, Karlova Ves and Emilovna in the south, Jelenec, Tyrovice, Kouřimecká Rybárna and Kouřimecká Myslivna the southwest, Rozvědčika U, V Luhu and Nezabudice in the west and Malá Buková and Na Čihátku in the northwest.


The first written mention of Branov place in the year 1551st

In 1843 Branow consisted of 42 houses with 354 inhabitants. Away was on the Überfuhr about the Mies the Fischer House U Luhu. Vicarage was Nezabuditz. Until the mid-19th century Branow remained the Fideikommiss Křivoklát submissive.

After the abolition of patrimonial Branov / Branow formed in 1850 a municipality in the district court district Rakonitz and Křivoklát. In 1932 lived in Branov 523 people.

Community structure

For the community Branov no districts are reported. The municipality consists of the basic settlement units Branov and V Luhu. To Branov also includes the layering in Branovská Vrata, Kouřimecká Rybárna and Kouřimecká Myslivna.


  • Ferry V Luhu with memorial to Ota Pavel
  • Timbered monolayer Kouřimecká Rybárna, cultural monument
  • Ota Pavel Oak at Kouřimecká Rybárna
  • Postal Branov or Propadený zámek, southwest of Branov on a spur overlooking the valleys of Berounka and a right tributary
  • Natural Monument U Hermit, cut bank of Berounka, east of the village
  • Natural Monument Nezabudické rocks, undercut slope of Berounka, north of the village
  • Natural Monument Vysoký tok, on the eponymous mountain south of the village
  • National Nature Reserve Velka Pleš, southwest of Branov the homonymous mountain


  • Ota Pavel (1930-1973), the writer spent his childhood in the ferry V Luhu and described in several stories of the area.