Brass Island


Brass is a town in the Nigerian state of Bayelsa, located in southern Nigeria, on the Atlantic. One calculation according to the 2012 it has 6462 inhabitants.

The small town is located on the western tip of Brass Iceland, an island on the Atlantic coast of the Nigerian Niger Delta. Not far from Brass, in the West, the Cape Formoso, which marks the southernmost point of Nigeria is. Ferries connect the city with the local capital Yenagoa and the economic center of Port Harcourt.

The City of Brass ( engl. " brass " ) got its name from a nearby river. He was probably, therefore, Brass River called by the British, because the first British traders introduced brass articles in exchange for palm oil and slaves. Today, especially the promotion of lightweight, Brass River crude oil called regional crude oil is important.

Brass and its surroundings form the southernmost of the eight Local Government Areas ( LGA) of the state of Bayelsa with an area of ​​1403.63 km ². In the previous 1991 census, the LGA had 166 230 inhabitants, which has a population density of 118 inhabitants per km ².