Bratsk (Russian Братск ) is a city in Irkutsk Oblast in Russia with 246 319 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The first Europeans arrived in 1623 in order to recover from the resident Buryat taxes. The first Ostrog was created in 1636 at the confluence of the Oka and Angara. From the ethnonym " Buryat ", the name of the place was derived.

In Bratsk the Gulag Angara -ITL was established in 1947 with up to 44,000 people for the construction of the railway line Baikal - Amur Mainline and other works. The construction of the railway Taischet - Bratsk was from 1938 by the Western Railway ITL and from 1948 by prisoners of Taischet -ITL -ITL and lake.

The energy of the Siberian rivers Ob, Yenisey, Lena and Amur was tamed in the 1950s and 1960s with numerous dams and used for the development of new industries. In 1952 it was decided to build a dam at Bratsk and a power plant - as a symbol of communist construction and Lenin's thesis Communism = Soviet power electrification [ of the entire country ] (also known as " GOELRO Plan"). In Bratsk the Angara, a tributary of the Yenisei River was dammed in one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world for the Bratsk Reservoir. With the construction of the hydroelectric plant Bratsk 1954-1966, the population of the town grew, up to a multiple.


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Bratsk has heavy industry, an aluminum factory (one of the largest in Russia ), factories for working wood (including two companies of Ilim Timber), a chlorine factory, also has a thermal power station, which is powered by coal.

In the vicinity of Bratsk there is a large regiment of the Russian armed forces, prison camps or prisons.

On June 19, 2013, a pulp mill was opened. You should produce 720,000 tonnes of softwood pulp per year. The total investment for the factory was (approx. 725 million euro ) 31.1 billion rubles. 50 percent of the shares belong to the Russian joint-stock company " Ilim Grupa " and 50 percent of the U.S. company International Paper.

Administrative divisions

Bratsk is divided into three Rajons (city districts):

  • Padunski ( Падунский, named after the former Angara River rapids Padun ), 56 205 inhabitants
  • Prawobereschny ( Правобережный, from " Prawy Bereg ", right bank of the Angara ), 38 550 inhabitants
  • Zentralny ( Центральный, Zentralrajon ) 151 564 inhabitants

(As of 14 October 2010 )

Educational institutions

  • Branch of the State University of Irkutsk
  • Branch of the Academy of Economics and Law Moscow
  • Branch of the Humanities Institute Novosibirsk
  • Bratsk State Technical University
  • Bratsk State University

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Viktor Kneib (* 1980), luger
  • Nadezhda Murawjowa (* 1980), Women's Handball
  • Valentina Popova (born 1972 ), Women's Weightlifting
  • Alexandra Rodionova ( born 1984 ), luger
  • Alexander Zubkov (* 1974), bob pilot

Impressions (Summer 1981)


Komsomol youth center in Bratsk

Air pollution from the aluminum plant at Bratsk Reservoir

" Market stalls " in Bratsk