Braunauer Zeitgeschichte-Tage

The Braunau Contemporary History Days are a conference on contemporary history in the town of Braunau am Inn. Each year a theme of contemporary history with lectures and discussions will be negotiated.


The Contemporary History Days in Braunau am Inn created on the initiative of the political scientist Andreas Maislinger, which in 1992 the first meeting was organized and thereafter until 2012 held the scientific management. Immediately after the first meeting led to the formation of the Association for History Braunau, which since 1993 undertaken by the organization of the meeting.

Regional focal points since 2004

After meetings on " dealing with the past ", resistance to dictatorships and other general contemporary historical themes of the Association for Contemporary History with the topics of the meetings since 2004 will stimulate greater involvement with the Innviertel and neighboring Bavaria.

2004, it went to the " local border traffic " on Salzach and Inn in the years 1933 to 1938 to " big politics " as well as to improve the daily life at the interface of two political systems to identify differences and similarities.

From 23 to 25 September 2005, the historical background for the " Braunau Parliament " 1705 was analyzed, the "Dear Bavarian die than spoil Austrian" for a short time nobility, clergy, burghers and peasants united under the slogan.

2006 was Johann Philipp Palm at the center: The Nuremberg bookseller was shot dead on August 26, 1806 on the orders of Napoleon I in Braunau.

2007 was reminiscent of Egon Ranshofen - Wertheimer. Born in 1894 in Ranshofen, 1957 died in New York State significant scientists was a diplomat in the service of the League of Nations and the United Nations, despite its commitment to Austria largely forgotten. During the meeting of Egon Ranshofen - Wertheimer Award was awarded to the Trapp family. The laudation was Ambassador Emil Brix.

2008, who on the occasion of the European Football Championship in Austria and Switzerland, with the fascination of football has the 17th Braunau Contemporary History Days.

2009 reported Altlandeshauptmann Josef Ratzenböck and the German scholar Hans Göttler about her childhood in the pub.



Karl Otmar von Aretino, Ludwig Baumann, Peter Becher, Wolfgang Johannes Bekh, Thomas Brechenmacher, Emil Brix, Walter Brunner, Adolf Burger, Michel Cullin, György Dalos, Georg Denzler, Waclaw Dlugoborski, Winfried Garscha, Roland Girtler, Gabriela von Habsburg, Ulrich Habsburg-Lothringen, Norbert van trade, Mozes F. Heinschink, Gregor Henckel - Donnersmarck, Madeleine Herren - Oesch, Rudko Kawczynski, Michel Kerautret, Florian Kotanko, Robert Kriechbaumer, Andreas Laun, Branko Lustig, Andreas Maislinger, Ludwig Mehlhorn, Stephanie von Pfuel Peter Porsch, Gerald Praschl, Edith Rabenstein, Josef Ratzenböck, Hella Schlumberger, Burghart Schmidt, Gerhard Skiba, Klaus Theweleit, Wolfgang Ullrich, Gottfried Wagner, Reinhold Wagnleitner, Moshe Zimmermann, Tilman Zülch among others