Bravia (brand)

BRAVIA is manufactured by Sony is a brand name and is an acronym for " Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture ".

To the product in-house developments under the name BRAVIA since 2005 include primarily flat screen LCD TV with the TV standard High Definition Television (HDTV ), and projectors. The brand replaced the on the market since 1997 WEGA series. 2008 at the IFA Berlin ( IFA) was presented to the 200 Hertz technology and set new standards in the moving image display on LCD TVs. Some BRAVIA models feature also with the BRAVIA Theatre Sync function via a Consumer Electronics Control interface, in which the complete home entertainment system can be controlled with a remote. Since 2011, Smart TV properties (including Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) and DLNA capability and internet access include (wired / wireless ) and USB HDD Recording to the model range. As a graphical user interface, the XrossMediaBar (XMB ) will be used.

The BRAVIA televisions and their components are manufactured in Sony 's plants in Japan, in Mexicali, Mexico and Nitra in Slovakia for the respective market regions and consist of imported components from Brazil, Spain, the People's Republic of China and Malaysia.

In fiscal 2007, approximately two million BRAVIA TVs were produced worldwide.

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