Bray Wanderers A.F.C.

The Bray Wanderers Association Football Club (Irish Cumann Peile Bhre ) is a 1922/42 established Irish football club from the town of Bray. The Bray Wanderers played continuously since 1985 in the League of Ireland, currently in the higher season, the Premier Division.


The first team that carried the name Bray Wanderers, was founded in 1922 in Bray; she was very successful in tieferklassigen football, but broke up in the mid- 1930s. 1942 there was a re-foundation of the team, this date is seen by the club as the beginning of today's clubs. They initially played in the Athletic Union League but moved to the season in 1954/55 in the game stronger Leinster Senior League, the championship they could win the late 50s and early 60s three times in a row; but after the season 1961 they switched back to the niedrigklassigere Athletic Union League and made 1963 even play activities a.

In 1973, the remains of the clubs with the Bray Unknowns, a club in the Leinster Senior League, were combined and recorded the game operating under the name Bray Wanderers again. In 1985, when the Legue of Ireland has been increased to 22 teams, the Wanderers were given a new launch sites; it began at the lower of the two seasons, the First Division, but increased in the first year in the Premier Division. They could rarely prevail there, so they were a real lift team; in the 20 seasons they played only eight years first class and be up to fourth place in 2000/ 01 is always lower in the half of the table; at the time they are first rate rise since 2004.

European games


  • Irish Cup Winner ( 2) 1990 1999