Brebel (Danish: Bredbøl ) is a municipality in the district of Schleswig -Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein. Bill Watts Brück ( Bilvad Bro ), Brebelholz, Brebelmoor, Brebelscheide, Loitstraße and angle beam are in the municipal area.


Archaeological finds that the municipality has been inhabited since the Neolithic period.

Brebel was first mentioned in 1231 as Brethaeböl, which probably comes from the Danish and broad settlement means.


Of the nine seats in the municipal council has the voter community KWB since the local elections of 2013 six seats, the voter community BfB three.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In gold down between two blue wave blue wave bar a thread above a green four-leaf clover with an applied gold crosshairs as leaf veins".

The shamrock in the arms of the municipality Brebel reflects the four districts Brebelholz, United Brebel, Small Brebel and Loitstraße. In its simplicity it also radiates the harmony between the districts. The launched crosshair represents the layer formed from state and federal road intersection in the community center. This " long-distance cross" is for the economic development of the community is important. It expresses both the openness of the population in all directions from. The wave bar in the sign representing the municipality by flowing and demarcating watercourses.


Brebel transformed from an agricultural community into a residential community.