Breest is a municipality in the northeast of the county Mecklenburg Lake District. The community is located south of Jarman and is part of the Office Treptower Tollensewinkel based in Old Treptow.


Breest is located about 30 kilometers west of Anklam and 14 kilometers south of Jarman. At the castle Klempenow near the hamlet of the same name the Great Landgraben opens into the Tollense.

West of the town crossed the Autobahn 20, the glacial valley of the Great Country trench. Here is also the connection point Anklam on the main road 199, the west of it from the national road 35 (formerly B96 ) branches off a piece.

The wetland flora of the Tollensetals provides habitat for several rare plant species.


  • Breest
  • Klempenow
  • Bitterberg

Until 1 January 2004, the municipality was part of the Office Tollensetal.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring municipalities are in the North: Bartow, in the west: Golchen, in the southwest: Burow, in the South: Werder and in the east: in the district of Vorpommern - Greifswald Spantekow


Breest was committed as a typical farming village of the lords of the castle Klempenow. In the year 1766 the place burned down almost completely, eighteen farms and the water mill were destroyed. The miller then built a windmill.

1331 Klempenow was first mentioned as a sovereign castle of the Dukes of Pomerania.

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To state the domain and village Klempenow included the Vorwerk Bitterberg.


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  • Klempenow castle, medieval German castle down ( 1231 )
  • Castle Wall Klempenow, remains of Slavic lowland castle dating from the 7th century
  • Klempenow village church, half-timbered building from 1720
  • Weir memory Wodarg, reconstruction of a medieval Kemlade at Klempenow

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Max Tietböhl (* 1902), politician ( NSDAP)