Breitenau am Hochlantsch

  • SPÖ: 9
  • ÖVP: 5
  • FPÖ: 1

Breitenau is an Austrian market town in the judicial district of Bruck an der Mur and in the political district of Bruck- Miirzzuschlag in Styria with 1787 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).

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  • 6.1 Result of the Municipal Council Election 2010
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Breitenau is a tributary of the Murtal and lies at the foot of Hochlantsch in the Almenland. Breitenau is located about 15 km south-east of the district capital of Bruck an der Mur.

The municipality consists of the cadastral: Erhardstraße, Lantsch, beat digging and Sonnleiten- Pernegg.

Districts of width- are: St. Erhard (658 m) and Sankt Jakob - width- (607 m).

Neighboring municipalities are:

  • All Saints in Muerztal ( district of Bruck - Miirzzuschlag )
  • Punching in Muerztal ( district of Bruck - Miirzzuschlag )
  • Gases (district Weiz)
  • Sankt Kathrein am Offenegg (district Weiz)
  • Fladnitz at the Teichalp (district Weiz)
  • Pernegg an der Mur ( district of Bruck - Miirzzuschlag )
  • Mrs. Berg ( district of Bruck - Miirzzuschlag )


The community was founded in 1989 raised to the market town.


  • Sports club Breitenau

Culture and sights

  • Pilgrimage church Schüsserlbrunn
  • Sanctuary of St. Erhard
  • Eco-park Hochreiter: The eco-park Hochreiter lies at 1050 meters above sea level, at the foot of Teichalp in the municipality Breitenau / Hochlantsch. Only five minutes by car from Teichalmsee there is a petting zoo for the kids. A new eco-house with seminar option is available.


Public transportation

From Mixnitz to Breitenau runs the local railway Mixnitz Santa Erhard, on the schedule, however, takes place only freight transport since 1966. The nearest railway station with Regionalzuganschluss located in the station Mixnitz - Bärenschützklamm in the community Pernegg an der Mur, about ten kilometers away from the center Breitenau. The nearest train station with intercity service is located in Bruck an der Mur is around 20 km away. Breitenau is accessible from Bruck an der Mur by bus.


The nearest major road is the Brucker Straße S 35 The connection point Mautstatt in the community Pernegg an der Mur is located approximately eight kilometers from the town center Breitenau.


According to Census of 2001, there are 57 workplaces with 432 employees. Main employer is the magnesite of the RHI.


  • Mayor Siegfried Hofbauer ( SPÖ).
  • The council consists of 15 members and has been working for the municipal elections in 2010 mandatary of the following parties together: 5 ÖVP, SPÖ 9, 1 FPÖ.

Result of the municipal elections in 2010

  • ÖVP 442 votes / 32.60 %
  • SPO 801 votes / 59.07 %
  • FPÖ 113 votes / 8.33%


Pictures of Breitenau am Hochlantsch