Breitenbrunn, Upper Palatinate

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Width Brunn is a market in the Upper Palatinate district of Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate and nationally recognized resort.

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Geographical Location

The market is centrally located in the Natural Park Altmühltal at the Breitenbrunner Laber.

Community structure

The municipality width Brunn has 34 officially named districts:

  • Allersfelden
  • Aumuehle
  • Bach main
  • Bottelmühle
  • Breitenbrunn
  • Breitenegg
  • Book
  • Dürn
  • Ecker thing
  • Eismann village
  • Erbmühle
  • Erggertshofen
  • Franklmühle
  • Froschau
  • Geishof
  • Gimpertshausen
  • Hamberg
  • Height of mountain
  • Hohenbügl
  • Kemnathen
  • Langenried
  • Langenthonhausen
  • Leiterzhofen
  • Matzlsberg
  • Ödenhaid
  • Premerzhofen
  • Rapidly
  • Schmidhof
  • Schöndorf
  • Siegert Mayrhofen
  • Stocker arable
  • Waldhof
  • Little Kemnathen
  • Wolfertshofen


Between 863 and 892 width Brunn under Embricho, 863-891 seventh bishop of the Diocese of Regensburg as " Preitprunnin " the first time was probably in possession of a list of manorial Breiteneck called.

In the 12th century the rule was under Breiteneck northwest of Kelheim to the Lords of Laaber, later the families of Hirschberg, of Gumppenberg, Pappenheim and Wildenstein. Shortly before 1600 was part of the reason rule the Principality of Pfalz- Neuburg. 1611 Bavaria bought the share of Pfalz- Neuburg.

1624 Elector Maximilian of Bavaria gave his 1623 raised to the Imperial Count commander Johann t'Serclaes of Tilly the rule Breitenegg that received in 1631 and the country's sovereignty and 1635 the imperial confirmation of Reichsunmittalbarkeit. Since 1649 the manorial Breitenegg heard ( Breiteneck ) to the emancipation of the serfs in 1848 at the Bavarian imperial circle. With the extinction of the Counts of Tilly in the male line were 1724 in Bavaria whose fief, the three separate parts Frey city on the Schwarzach; Castle and market Holnstein and the market town of Hohenfels and the two own goods, two separate pieces with lock and market breadth Brunn and Castle Help Berg 1732 a Countess of Montfort, a sister of the Count of Tilly, the Baron of Gumppenberg. The Imperial County Breitenegg whose seat was Breitenbrunn, was sold by the Barons of Gumppenberg 1792 the Bavarian Elector Karl Theodor. Width Brunn remained market with magisterial own rights. Created in 1818 the current municipality.


On January 1, 1972, the incorporation of book ( with Bottelmühle and Froschau ) Dürn ( with stupid garden, Franklmühle and Hohenbügl ) Erggertshofen ( with height mountain, Leiterzhofen, Ödenhaid, Siegert Mayrhofen and Wolfertshofen ) and Langenthonhausen ( with Stocker Acker ) was performed. 1 July 1972 and came Gimpertshausen Premerzhofen ( with Iceman village and Schmidhof ) added. On January 1, introduced in 1978, with the completion of the Bavarian municipal reform communities Hamberg and Kemnathen to width Brunn.

In the district Breitenegg is located on a hilltop castle ruins Breitenegg from the 13th century.


Market council

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: In a golden red tube wells, on the long side of the fountain trough three six-pointed silver star.


Since November 10, 1974 with the eponymous municipality width Brunn am Neusiedler See in Austria.

Culture and sights


  • Pilgrimage Church of St. Sebastian, located at the Sebastian source on the outskirts

See also: List of monuments in width Brunn (Oberpfalz )

Regular events

Beginning of September takes place the historic Tilly hard.


  • Johann Stephan Ebenhöch ( 1623 - before 1686) administrator of the kingdom of County Breitenegg, father of Georg Franz -level high- high level (* 1653 in Breitenbrunn )
  • Georg Franz -level high- high level ( 1653 - after 1702), Viscount and lawyer
  • Anton von Gumppenberg (1787-1855), Bavarian general and War Minister
  • Amelie from Wulffen ( b. 1966 ), artist

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