Seen that the Breithorn from Klein Matterhorn

The Breithorn is a multiple peaks, west east running, strongly glaciated mountain ridge in the Valais Alps. The highest and at the same time mountaineering lightest peak is the western summit. Further east to the central peak and the Breithorn - Twins series in the chain. The higher western summit of the Breithorn - Twins is also called Breithorn East Summit. The Breithorn ends in the east with the Schwarzfluh ( Roccia Nera ). About the Breithorn the main Alpine ridge and the border between Valais and the Aosta Autonomous Region runs.

Because of the 3'870 m above sea level. M. high Klein Matterhorn cable car is leading the technically undemanding main peak frequently climbed. The normal route leads SSW across the firn of the Breithorn plateau, and finally a 35 degree steep slope. The climb takes between one and a half depending on your condition and three hours. The descent on skis or a snowboard is the main summit for experienced drivers problem. Despite everything, there is a high alpine tour, which requires the proper equipment and experience.

As an alternative, you can also the western summit from the east over a narrow ridge climb, respectively. . exceed Starting point of the ridge is the yoke at point 4078, from where you can climb the summit means. Respectively The route over the ridge. to the middle peak is only suitable for vertigo and sure-footed climber.

The first ascent was made in 1813 by Henry Maynard, Joseph -Marie Couttet, Jean Gras, Jean -Baptiste Erin and Jean -Jacques Erin.

As " Breithoru - Liit " ( Breithorn people ) denote Zermatt mountain guides climbers that can result in good conscience only on the Breithorn.