Map of Bleiontals from the Geographical Dictionary of Switzerland (1902 )

As a mountain stream in the upper reaches of the Val Camadra

The Brenno is a 35 km long river in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. It flows through the valley Blenio mainly in the south and ends at Biasca in Ticino.

The main source of the river Brenno springs below the Piz Medel near the Greinapass. It flows through the valley portion Val Camadra, at Campo takes the outflow of the lake Lago di Luzzone on and joins in the basin of Olivone with the down flowing from Lukmanierpass Brenno di Santa Maria.

In the lower reaches - between Malvaglia and the rockslide cone Buzza di Biasca - shows the Brenno heavily overgrown. His gravel deposits and those of the left side streams Orino Lesgiüna and take there the whole width of the valley floor.

Pictures of Brenno