Brent Haygarth

Brent Haygarth (* December 27 1967 in Durban ) is a former South African tennis player.


Haygarth grew up as the son of Renee Schuurman, five -time winner of a Grand Slam doubles title, as well as a mixed- title, on a tennis loving family. He took part in the 1985 junior tournaments, Wimbledon and the French Open, but lost in each of his first encounter. Between 1986 and 1987 he studied at the Texas A & M University, who visited his brother Kirk and his sister Derryn. In 1988 he became a professional tennis player, the same year he reached the finals of a tournament for the first time the ATP Challenger Tour. His first Challenger doubles title he won two years later and in 1992 he was at the show in Florence for the first time in a double final of the ATP World Tour. Throughout his career, he was able to win six doubles titles on the ATP World Tour with changing partners, also he was five more times in a final. Its highest listing in the tennis world ranking he reached position 40 in 1999 and in 1990 with double position 384 in singles.

In the individual he was never able to qualify for a Grand Slam tournament. In the doubles competition in 1994, he reached the quarterfinals of Wimbledon in 1999 and the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. In addition, he was in 1995 in the second round of the mixed competition of Wimbledon.

Haygarth has been married since 1991, of the marriage were born two sons.

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