Brett Butler (actress)

Brett Butler ( born January 30, 1958 in Montgomery, Alabama as Brett Ashley Anderson) is an American stand-up comedienne and actress.

Brett Butler worked after a failed marriage in Houston as a waitress. They also tried his hand as a stand-up comedian. When she moved to New York, followed first television appearances. Larger notoriety she gained then from 1993 in the title role of the TV series Grace. Their behavior, which was partly caused by drug use, led to problems in the production and ultimately to overthrow the series in 1998. She has since appeared in small roles.

TV series

  • 2011: Anger Management ( 1:01 to 1:02, 1:07 to 1:10, 2:01, 2:03 to 2:05, 2:08, 2:24, 2:26 )


  • Knee Deep in Paradise. Hyperion, New York 1996, ISBN 0-7868-6136-3 ( autobiography)