Breuna ( Low German: " Brüne " ) is a municipality in the district of Kassel, in northwestern Hesse.

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Geographical location

Breuna lies on the northwestern edge of the nature park Hawk Forest, about 30 km northwest of Kassel on the A44.

Neighboring communities

The community Breuna bordered to the north by the cities of Warburg ( circle Hoexter North Rhine -Westphalia) and Liebenau, in the east on the community Calden and the city Zierenberg, to the south by the city Wolf Hagen (all four in the district of Kassel), and on the west by the city Volkmarsen ( Waldeck- Frankenberg ).

Community structure

To the municipality next to the main town Breuna include ( 1,652 inhabitants) the districts of Lower Listingen ( 388 inhabitants), Upper Listingen (806 inhabitants), Rhöda (67 inhabitants) and Wettesingen ( 1,279 inhabitants).


Rhöda is the smallest and oldest district and was first mentioned in 820-840.

Breuna and Rhöda been around for 200 years formed an administrative community. 2007 celebrated the place Breuna its 750 - year anniversary.


On December 31, 1971, until then independent municipality Wettesingen was incorporated. Lower and Upper Listingen Listingen were added on August 1, 1972.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results.


The community Breuna maintains partnership relations with

Business enterprises

  • In Breuna is the filling of the adjacent mineral water source Urstromquelle Wolf Hagen.