Brewster Aeronautical Corporation

The Brewster Aeronautical Corporation was an American aircraft manufacturer based in Long Iceland, New York. It emerged from the long-established company Brewster & Company. This dealt with the construction of carriages and later cars.

First, the aerospace division produced only aircraft parts. In 1934, the first house design was designed: The two-seater Brewster SBA. The company built only two other designs in their own series. The F2A Buffalo and the SB2A Buccaneer / Bermuda. In larger quantities ( 735 copies) was built in license nor designated as F3A Chance Vought F4U. A further order for 773 examples of this type was canceled when the war ended.

Towards the end of World War II took to the economic problems and mismanagement eventually led to the collapse of the company.

Pictures of Brewster Aeronautical Corporation