Brian A. Skiff

Brian A. Skiff is an American astronomer.

Skiff is a staff member of the Lowell Observatory, where he works primarily on LONEOS project. In this project succeeded him in 2003 the rediscovery of long years lost asteroid ( 69230 ) Hermes.

In the course of his work discovered Brian Skiff, partly together with Norman G. Thomas, 55 asteroids, such as the Trojan ( 15398 ) 1997 UZ23. In addition, he discovered, some with colleagues, several comets, including periodic comets 114P/Wiseman-Skiff and 140P/Bowell-Skiff.

In recognition of his performance of the asteroid ( 2554 ) was named after him Skiff.

In addition to his professional career, Brian Skiff is also a renowned volleyball player in the "Mars Hill Summer Volleyball " group.