Brian Auger

Brian Auger ( born July 18, 1939 in London ) is a British jazz and rock organist. Auger is one of the greatest organists fusion of popular music. His main instrument is the Hammond B3 organ, which he did not, as usual, plays a Leslie cabinet, but directly amplified and used to use the C3 vibrato; next he plays Fender Rhodes electric piano ( or corresponding sounds), piano and synthesizer.

Life and work

Early on, he began piano lessons. In 1962 he formed his Brian Auger Trio with Rick Laird and drummer Phil Kinorra than initially pure jazz combo. In 1965 he founded together with Rod Stewart, Julie Driscoll and John Baldry the group The Steampacket. After Rod Stewart and John Baldry had left the group, Auger Julie Driscoll founded the group Trinity. With this lineup the band had several hit singles ( Road To Cairo, This Wheel 's on Fire, Season Of The Witch ) and brought out the much acclaimed double album " Street Noise" (1969).

After Driscoll left in 1969 Trinity, Auger occupied the group ( with Gary Boyle ), but he could not build on the successes of the late 1960s and triggered Trinity in 1970. Even with his then band, founded in Oblivion Express Auger initially had no excessive success. From the album " Closer To It " (1973 ), which made ​​it into the charts, the group style strengthened to a groove- accented mix of rhythmic elements of R & B and funk, and harmonic and melodic elements of jazz. Brian Auger also appeared with Klaus Doldinger, Alexis Korner, Pete York, Eric Burdon, and other sizes of popular music.

From 1974, Auger in the USA, where he recorded more albums. In the U.S., he got back in touch with Julie Tippetts - Driscoll. With their Auger took in 1977 the album " Encore " on. The Washington Post wrote: "This album is an essential part of any jazz-fusion library ". In 1981, he co-starred with Chris Farlowe, Pete York and John C. Marshall recorded the album "Olympic Rock & Blues Circus". This album has been in the direct cut method (direct to disk) was added. In 1985 he took part in a remake of the Spencer Davis Group. In the same year the album Steaming, the Auger had taken in Freiburg with Colin Hodgkinson and Pete York appeared. In 1989, he worked as a musical director, arranger and composer for the third season of the television series " Super Drumming". From 1990 Auger went with Eric Burdon on tour.

Until the advanced age he is, now with son Karma on drums and daughter Savannah Grace as a singer in his band Oblivion Express (initially to distinguish it from the old band also " New Oblivion "), and concerts and released CDs. The newly formed band has since released several albums and has toured several times in the U.S. and Europe.

Prizes and awards

In November 2007, an award for his life's work ( Lifetime Achievement Award ) was awarded to Brian Auger by the Director of the Temecula International Jazz Festival.


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