Brian Bennett (musician)

Brian Lawrence Bennett, OBE ( born February 9, 1940 in Palmers Green, London ) is an English musician. He is best known as the drummer of the band The Shadows. In addition to his skills on drums and percussion, he is a pianist, composer, arranger and producer. He now lives with his wife retired to the country estate in the county of Hertfordshire, where he also runs his own studio. From the marriage of the son of Warren Bennett has emerged, which is followed in the footsteps of his father and is also active as a composer, arranger and producer in the music industry.


Brian Bennett attended school in Hazlewood, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill School. At age 16, he made his middle school education and began his career as a professional musician.

The beginnings

Quick extraordinary talent Brian Bennett was recognized in professional circles and he got exposure to various band projects as well as in the TV show " Oh Boy! " By Jack Good. End of the fifties he became a permanent part of the house band of 2i's - coffee bar (see article The Shadows ) in Soho, London.


Bennett's career really began as a band member of " Marty Wilde's Wildcats " in 1959, the first hit with his involvement was Trombone. Subsequently he toured with some well-known musicians in England, including Tommy Steele and Eddie Cochran ( Summertime Blues or Somethin 'Else ).

The Shadows

Due to internal differences had the former Shadows drummer Tony Meehan left the band (especially for chronic tardiness and unreliability ). As adequate replacement deemed Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch already at a Tommy Steele concert in 1959 children to meet Brian Bennett. He himself says today that he was not surprised when he was the manager of the Shadows, Peter Gormley, called and asked to join the Shadows. His joy was kept just as limited, not because of gambling, but because no one likes the tours. (Statement in the Tour Interview " The Shadows - The Final Tour" ). From die hard Shadows fans he is still referred to as " the New ". The first single, helped on the Brian Bennett, the No. 1 hit Wonderful Land was built in 1961. Bennett remained the Shadows in all years of highs and lows loyal, as well as after the dissolution in 1969 the formation Marvin / Welch / Farrar formed. After the final separation of the Shadows Bennett was also the support band by Cliff Richard faithful.

The composer

Since 1962 Brian Bennett devoted himself to composing. During the filming of the movie " Summer Holiday " he did during the breaks its "homework " for distance learning. Among his most famous compositions include The Journey, Mountains of the Moon, Just a Minute, Rugby Special and Chase Side Shoot Up! . His talent as an arranger and orchestra conductor Bennett presented in the work on " Slaughter on 10th Avenue " to the test.

Famous Drum Solos

Little B, Big B and Captain Haddock 's Missing among the probably the most famous drum solos world. Such pieces were from the beginning concert part in performances of Shadows.

Drum brands

Brian Bennett preferred Drumsets the company Ludwig Drums, Chicago. It places value on the shade " Sparkling", an interspersed with Metallflittern clear coat paint film. More rarely it can be seen with the manufacturer Gretsch Drum Sets, Premier and Remo.

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  • He enjoys the reputation of " Mr. decades Reliable on Drums ", which means" the reliability in the person behind the drums "
  • Bennett's play style which offers multi-faceted rhythm with some daring, very pronounced Fill-ins
  • In 2004 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire ( OBE) by the Queen Elizabeth II for his outstanding services to the British music simultaneously with Bruce Welch. Hank B. Marvin refused the order on religious grounds.
  • In the 2005 tour Bennett injured at the concert in Reykjavik by a splinter on the right thumb nail. He pulled out the splinter with the teeth and stuck a plaster over it. A few days later, now the tour had arrived in Paris, the entire right hand had ignited. Regardless of inflammation and ( in a Paris hospital in time the treated ) Sepsis Bennett played the tour in great pain cope with bandaged hand. You already feared the loss of Bennett and organized a replacement drummer, fifteen minutes before the concert, however, appeared Bennett with a smile on stage.
  • Bennett participated in recordings / concerts with Tommy Steele, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Ella Fitzgerald, The Shadows, Cliff Richard and many others.