Brian Connolly

Brian Francis Connolly ( born October 5, 1945 in Hamilton, Scotland, † February 9, 1997 in Slough, Buckinghamshire ) was a Scottish musician and lead singer of the rock band The Sweet.


Brian Connolly was born on October 5, 1945 in a Glasgow hospital. When he got meningitis a year, he was left in the hospital by his mother and adopted a short time later by a nurse. At twelve, he moved with his new family moved to Middlesex. Until his 18th birthday, he was called Brian Francis McManus, because he was born out of wedlock and raised by his foster parents McManus. The actor Mark McManus (1935-1994) was a cousin of this family. His birth mother has never met Connolly.

When he learned at age 18 that he had been adopted, Connolly went out and enrolled at the Merchant Navy Officers College. After 18 months was found, however, that he was color blind, so he could not continue his training as an officer.

He then embarked on a career as a singer. End of the 1960s, Mick Tucker and Brian Connolly joined the Wainwright's Gentlemen. This band did not last long, and as Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker, Steve Priest and Frank Torpey formed the band Sweet shop which they renamed later in The Sweet. Guitarist Frank Torpey was soon replaced by Mick Stewart and this after a few single releases by Andy Scott. The Sweet were from 1971 first under the leadership of the British songwriter and producer duo Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, and then from 1975 in-house for the most commercially successful glam rock band of the 70s.

However, because of Connolly's massive alcohol problems and internal disputes led to a break in 1978 the band. Connolly then launched a solo career, but with only very limited success. The leadership of the band took Andy Scott, who went on with other musicians under the name " Andy Scott 's Sweet '. But he could never able to return to the success of the original ' The Sweet ' with Brian Connolly.

In May 1972, Connolly married his first wife Marilyn Walsh. On April 3, 1974, the daughter of Nicola and on 22 July 1977, the second daughter, Michelle, was born. Marilyn broke up in 1986 because of his alcohol problems from him. In 1990 he married Denise. This marriage lasted until 1994. His son Brian James (born 26 May 1995) comes from the relationship with Jean ( b. 1963 ), whom he had met in 1992.

Connolly died on February 9, 1997 of kidney failure associated with a heart attack after he had suffered several heart attacks in 1980.