Brian Kelly (actor)

Brian Kelly ( born February 14, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan, † 12 February 2005 in Voorhees, New Jersey) was an American film and television actor. His most famous role was that of the Ranger Porter Ricks in the television series Flipper.


Kelly was the son of the Republican Governor of Michigan and Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court Harry Kelly. He began his acting career after his military service in the Korean War and a year at the Michigan Law School. At the beginning he played in a series of guest appearances on several television series such as The Beverly Hillbillies, or west of Santa Fé.

His most famous role is that of Porter Ricks with pinball from 1964 and the TV series Flipper, from 1964-1967 88 episodes were filmed in New adventure. In it he plays a widowed Ranger, who lives with his sons Sandy and Bud and Flipper the dolphin in Coral Key Park, Florida. There they have to deal with poachers and trappers and experience all kinds of adventures above and below water.

In 1966 he was seen in underwater around the world, in 1968 he accepted an offer as many American performer to Europe and turned the spaghetti westerns in the dust of the sun. In 1970 he suffered a serious motorcycle accident and has since been paralyzed on the right side. He worked in Hollywood as an executive producer on, so for example in Blade Runner. Brian Kelly died two days before his 74th birthday from pneumonia. He was married twice and left two children.

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