Brian Molko

Brian Molko ( born December 10, 1972 in Brussels, Belgium) is a singer, keyboardist, guitarist and songwriter. He became known primarily by the band Placebo.


Brian Molko was born into a devoutly religious family. In addition to his father, a U.S. banker French- Italian descent, and his mother, a devout Christian from Scotland, was one of its ten- year older brother Barry family. Because the profession of his father the family had to move frequently. So Molko lived in his childhood in countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Liberia, Scotland, Belgium, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, France and most recently in Luxembourg.

The art was rejected by his parents - his father had also provided for him a career as a banker, according to the wish of his mother, he should become a priest. Molko rebelled against it by adopting an androgynous appearance. This he revealed by wearing nail polish, lipstick and eyeliner, also listening to punk rock and glam rock. In his later teens, he had his coming out as bisexual.

Brian Molko and the subsequent placebo - member Stefan Olsdal both enrolled at the American International School of Luxembourg one (today known as the International School of Luxembourg), had little contact with each other there, however. As Molko then in 1990 moved to London to study at Goldsmiths College, drama and theater, he met Stefan Olsdal at the South Kensington underground station. Molko invited Olsdal one to a gig. This was so excited about Molkos voice that the two formed a band, from which later developed placebo. Together with drummer Robert Schultz mountain ( a friend of Olsdal ) they went on until 1996. However, they replaced this soon by Steve Hewitt. Molko completed his acting studies successfully.

2005 brought Molkos longtime girlfriend Helena Berg her first son Cody to the world.


Molko taught himself to play the guitar himself at. At age 16, he was given a guitar by his parents. On the guitar, he plays bass, harmonica, keyboard, saxophone, drums and turntables. Occasionally Brian Molko has also worked as a disc jockey in clubs.

Along with his colleagues, he had placebo for which the T. Rex song 20th Century Boy grossed new a small appearance in the film Velvet Goldmine 1998. Brian Molko embodies Malcolm, the lead singer of the fictional glam rock band The Flaming Creatures.

Brian Molko David Bowie to one of his friends, with whom he sang the Placebo song Without You I'm Nothing and the cover song 20th Century Boy live at the Brit Awards 1999. He is also friends with Marilyn Manson and Nicola Sirkis Indochine.

Molko sang guest vocals on tracks by Timo Maas ( Pictures, Like Siamese and First Day ), the Alpinestars (Carbon Kid) and Trash Palace (The Metric System). He also sang the duet Je t'aime, moi non plus with Asia Argento and starring Jane Birkin Smile. He also wrote the English text to Pink Water Version 3, a song by Indochine. He also composed the song " Hypnotized by Jane " for the German glam rock band Cinema Bizarre. On 3 July 2010 he sang before the European Parliament in Brussels Across the Universe by the Beatles as well as Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel.

He speaks fluent English and French.