Brian Viloria

Brian Viloria (* 24 November 1980 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States ) is an American professional boxer of Filipino descent.


As an amateur Brian Viloria won the U.S. Championship and the major Golden Gloves tournament in 1999. In the same year he celebrated his greatest success as an amateur boxer by winning the amateur world champion in the light flyweight. In 2000 he took part in the Olympic Games, hit there in the first rounds the Russians Sergei Kazakov, before he lost already in the second round later gold medalist Brahim Asloum.


Brian Viloria started his professional career in 2001. A year later he won the Junior World Championship title the WBC flyweight. His first fight for a world title, he played 10 September 2005 against the Mexicans Eric Ortiz, when it came to the WBC title at light flyweight. In this fight, Viloria succeeded already in the first round of the knockout win. However, this title he could defend only once, before he lost in August 2006 against Omar Nino Romero on points. The subsequent rematch in November against Romero was not considered because its opponents Romero tested positive for amphetamines. Viloria fought then in April 2007 against the Mexican Edgar Sosa for the vacant become title, but lost this fight extremely tight on points.

On April 19, 2009 Viloria fought against the world champion Ulises Solís the IBF. Viloria won this fight by a whacked in the eleventh round. However, he could also defend that title only once successfully; On 23 January 2010 he was defeated by Colombian Carlos Tamara in Manila by technical knockout in the twelfth round.