Bridge River

The Bridge River (literally " Bridge River ") is a 142 km long right tributary of the Fraser River in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

It flows about 10 km north of Lillooet in the Fraser River. Its catchment area covers 4660 km ², its average discharge is 110 m³ / s

The confluence with the Fraser River is located on a double gorge that was formed by the two rivers, which are forced here through a narrow river bed and so reminiscent of a fountain. This place is now called Lower Fountains. Upper Fountains is a location several miles upstream from the Fraser River, where the town is Fountain.

The river derives its name from a bridge near the Bridge River estuary, which at that time in the 19th century the Fraser River spanned.


The Bridge River has its origin in the Coast Mountains. It flows predominantly in an easterly direction to the Fraser River. 1961 the Bridge River Power Project has been completed. It includes three dams, two of them at the Bridge River. The Lajoie Dam dams on the upper reaches of the River the Downton Lake. This serves to regulate the further down nearby and larger reservoir, the Carpenter lake, which is dammed by the Terzaghi Dam. Below this dam very little water flowing in the river bed of the River Bridge. The water which flows at the mouth of the Fraser River, originates primarily from tributary Yalakom River. The water of the Bridge River is from Terzaghi Dam to the south Seton Lake, originally a natural lake whose water level has been raised by a dam by 3 meters, diverted for power generation. From here the water is also diverted artificially over the Seton Canal for power generation and flows into the Fraser River below the mouth of the Seton River.


Due to the strong current at the point where the two rivers - the Fraser River and Bridge - unite, was and still is the most important salmon - fishing location on the Fraser River. As the water of the Bridge River since 1961, is largely diverted with the completion of the Bridge River Power Project and a few kilometers south of Lillooet flows into the Fraser River, the salmon fishing on the River Bridge has come to a standstill.