Brienzwiler is a municipality in the Interlaken- Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

Place name

The name " Wiler " comes from the Old High German wilari back (small village ) and is a loanword from the Roman " villare " ( homestead ). The name Brienzwiler is occupied only since 1850, previously to distinguish them from other " Wiler " always the supplement " on Brünigbahn " beige represents.


The place Brienzwiler lies in the Bernese Oberland at the foot of Wiler horn on a hill above the lake. The neighboring communities of the north are starting clockwise: lounging, Meiringen, Brienz and Brienz.

In addition, part of a piece of uninhabited mountains to the community, which is completely separated from the place, in terms of area but accounts for the greater part of the community. Its neighboring municipalities are Meiringen, Grindelwald and Brienz. The highest mountain there is the Wildgärst 2830 m. ü. M.


Mayor is Hans Schild (2009).


The municipality has a separate connection to the motorway A8. On the southern boundary of the municipality passes a railway line Meiringen- Interlaken, with two stops Brienzwiler and lower stream. Both stops are located but away from the village center. The village itself and the ball mountain be opened by the postal bus from Brienz to Hasliberg.


The biggest attraction in Brienzwiler is the ball mountain, by far the largest open-air museum in Switzerland.

Pictures of Brienzwiler