Briggow is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District. The municipality is located north-west of Neubrandenburg. They belonged to 31 January 2004, the Office Stavenhagen country and since the merger with Stavenhagen the Office Stavenhagen, which has its administrative headquarters in Stavenhagen.

Briggow situated about twelve kilometers south-east of Stavenhagen. Federal highway 104 runs north and the highway 194 west of the community.

The districts of the municipality Briggow are Briggow, Sülten and Sülten yard.

Briggow is a typical estate village in Mecklenburg. Worth seeing are the Built in 1866, neo-Gothic brick church and the classicist manor with stables and a former manor park. From 1702 to 1791 belonged to the estate of the family of Krackewitz, then until 1945 by Oertzen.

Sülten is a typical elongated road Angersdorf with the estate village in contrast to the prevailing Dreiseithöfen. Worth seeing are the small Kirchanger with the built in the years 1870 to 1873 the village church in the Gothic Revival style.

The small former estate village Sülten farm is characterized by Neubauer farms.

Church in Briggow

Church in Sülten

Famous people

  • Dietrich ( Arnd Karl Adolf) of Oertzen ( 1882-1970 ), German jurist, civil servant and politician ( DNVP )

Pictures of Briggow