Bright Star Catalogue

The Bright Star Catalogue (also Yale Catalog of Bright Stars ) is an astronomical catalog of bright stars. He is the successor of the Harvard Revised Photometry Catalogue, which was published in 1908 by Edward Charles Pickering. It is by the will of its authors included all visible with the naked eye stars. The Bright Star Catalogue, therefore, includes all the stars that are brighter than 6.5 mag and published in 1930 in the first edition. As a final printed version is 1982, the 4th edition appeared, the 5th edition is available online only or as electronic version since 1991.

The catalog contains 9110 objects, of which 14 were now identified as novae or extragalactic objects - but these objects are in the catalog is still included to maintain the sequential numbering. His entries are ordered by right ascension of the epoch B1900. In 1983 an addition of 2603 contains more stars up to a magnitude of 7.1. In addition to the Bayer name and the Flamsteed designation, the proper motion, magnitude, parallax and further comments are given to the stars.

As a reference to the Bright Star Catalogue, the abbreviation HR is used ( for Harvard Revised ).