Brigitte (magazine)

Brigitte is a German women's magazine, which is published bi- weekly on the publisher Gruner Jahr. The first issue appeared in May 1954.

The magazine is mainly concerned with the topics of fashion, culture, psychology, partnership, medicine, environment, occupation and politics.

Brigitte is the first German women's magazine that exist entirely in Braille.


The chief editors of the print and the Internet offshoot were combined in May 2009 and since then co-chaired by Andreas Lebert and Brigitte Huber. In August 2012 Lebert was replaced by Stephan Schäfer, since April 2013 Brigitte Huber is the sole editor in chief.


The high demand of readers has now led to other journals in the Brigitte Publishing Group:

  • Brigitte Woman is published monthly, target group are women over forty.
  • Brigitte Balance - The best for your body and soul is a magazine with a focus on fitness, nutrition and medicine, and is published quarterly. It provides women with information, suggestions and tips for more balance in everyday life.
  • Brigitte Young Miss is standing by her Conceptually, a youth, especially girls magazine, which focuses on information about cities, new books, films, career information and talk for girls as well as fashion and make-up tips.


In October 2009, the initiative "Without Models " was announced to be photographed after from 2 January 2010 in Brigitte and its offshoots and online portals for all photo shoots are not professional models, in particular, no skinny models anymore, but only " normal" women. The Brigitte got a lot of applause for the initiative and consent, critics said it would only be a PR strategy. After a change in the editorship of the Brigitte shows since 6 September 2012 professional models in their magazine. The readers have complained about inferiority complexes.

Circulation Statistic

In the fourth quarter of 2012 the average circulation was IVW at 582 080 copies. These are 58 665 copies per issue less ( -9.16 %) than in the same quarter last year. The number of subscribers increased to 15,663 subscribers within a year to an average of 138 668 per issue from ( -10.15 %); so based approximately 23.82 % of the readers, the magazine subscription.

Weighted average number of common issues quarterly

Average number of copies sold in the quarter by subscription


  • F. C. Gundlach
  • Charlotte March
  • Will McBride
  • Elisabeth Niggemeyer
  • Barbara Niggl
  • Fritz Peyer
  • Andrew Ramer
  • Lothar Winkler