British Car Auctions

British Car Auctions, abbreviated BCA is an auction site for used cars, which was founded in 1946 in England.

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Today the company is not a purely British group more, employs over 2,200 people and markets across Europe each year about 1.4 million vehicles in 6500 auctions. BCA has over 50 locations in 12 European countries and is in the year 2012 with a turnover of more than 6 billion euros as Europe's largest vehicle marketers. In continental Europe, Germany is the most powerful auction site with eight auction centers and auctioned 120,000 vehicles in 2012. BCA Germany claims to be a full -service provider. The quality policy of BCA 2013 was certified by DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. In BCA only allowed traders sell and bid on vehicles.


The history of BCA begins in classic auction land England. In a circus tent in southern England the first car auction took place 60 years ago. The auction as an innovative distribution channel in the automotive industry was born. From the first activities was the first " Southern Counties Car Auctions ," 1968 short in their final name of "British Car Auctions ": BCA was renamed. 1989 BCA entered by purchasing the auction center " Autoveiling " at Utrecht the continental European market. Three years later, BCA expanded by taking over the leading Danish auction house " car auction Vejle " and by the purchase of the Belgian market leader "National Autojeiling ". Germany launched BCA 1997. The number of countries in which BCA is represented has increased since then to 12. Today BCA is the European market leader in vehicle marketing.

Auction types

BCA auctioned its vehicles in classical physical form in Germany far eight BCA centers:

  • BCA Neuss (head office )
  • BCA Rhein-Main/Groß-Gerau
  • BCA Hamburg / Ellerau
  • BCA Munich / Emmering
  • BCA Hannover
  • BCA Berlin-Ost/Hoppegarten
  • BCA Berlin-Süd/Neuseddin
  • BCA Heidenheim

In addition to the offsite location Wiedemar which is only open on auction days. In section a vehicle physically auctioned within 45 seconds at the BCA. Often come in the course of a VorOrt auction several hundred vehicles under the hammer.

BCA Live Online

Since 2004, customers can also enter online at physical auctions; and on an equal footing with the local dealers in the auction hall.


There are also online-only auctions. Feature here is the so-called " xBid phase": At the end of an auction all vehicles run again by and there is the opportunity to submit a final offer within a usually 25 seconds long countdown. Meanwhile BCA sold over half of all the vehicles 'electronic'.

BCA LiveBid

2012 BCA led the first car marketer interactive online auctions a. This new type of online auction is a fusion of VorOrt and online auction offers the charm and the benefits of both forms of marketing. The participants have been switched on the auction online and via a chat function directly with the auctioneers contact. BCA LiveBid allows a particularly targeted marketing vehicle.

At a BCA auction is open for up to 600 bidders - on-site and via BCA Live Online or on a pure online auction.

Service portfolio

BCA Germany has evolved from an originally classical vehicle marketer to a full- service provider in the course of the decades. The company offers "tailor-made services for buyers and sellers: logoff, consulting, inventory management, appraisals, condition descriptions, and fleet and Poolcar management over billing, debt collection, reporting and analysis to seizures, various vehicle preparation packages, logistics, document handling and specially developed IT solutions ".

With the BCA market price service BCA sets since spring 2013 a new pricing tool. In-house analysts determine the price at your request within 15 minutes daily vehicle prices. Basis for the assessment of price include the data of marketed annually about 1.4 million vehicles over BCA. The service can use for example car dealers who are in a sales call, in which the customer would like to give a vehicle in part exchange. Through a request at BCA market price the dealer gets even within the sales talk the current price trade-in.

Fleet Control Monitor

Another BCA specific tool is the FLEET CONTROL MONITOR (FCM), a web-based fleet management and remarketing software with which you can watch vehicles during the entire marketing. About FCM customers control the entire process, or parts thereof, for instance, choose orders, communicate with all parties or operate logistics, document, damage and maintenance management. Developer and provider of fleet management and remarketing software package " Fleet Control MONITOR 4.0" is the BCA daughter FCM GmbH, which also HARTMANN FLEET Professionals, one of the German market leader in the Fleet Services is involved.


BCA is the exclusive marketing partner of Daimler Financial Services AG, Nissan Center Europe, Volvo Cars Germany and Renault. More Consignor run through all sectors: automotive manufacturers on vehicle importers, banks, insurance companies, dealers, authorities, fleet operators, rental and leasing companies through to car dealers of all sizes.