British Council

The British Council is a British non-profit organization to promote international relations.

The aim of the institution founded in 1934 is the development of mutual relations between people of the United Kingdom and other countries. This happens especially in the fields of education, culture, science and society. Furthermore, the international dialogue on ideas and innovations from the UK is at the center. Represented is the establishment in 109 countries. In Germany, the British Council controls of his work from Berlin, in Austria, he has an office in Vienna and in Switzerland in Bern.

Funding is provided to 65 percent from its own resources, which are generated primarily through offerings in language training. Worldwide language courses and tests are offered (for example, International English Language Testing System). Further, the means through development aid projects. In this way were 2005/2006 186 200 000 pounds available. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (British Foreign Office) is an aid which amounted to 164 million pounds in 2005/2006.

The British Council is formally independent, but works closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office together. In 1934 he was established as a British Committee for Relations with Other Countries. The initiative was started by Sir Reginald ( ' Rex ') Leeper, of the need for " cultural propaganda " saw at this time.