British Darts Organisation

The British Darts Organisation ( BDO) is an association founded in 1973 Darts Federation.

The tournaments of the British Darts Organisation are often broadcast in the UK on the BBC, in the Netherlands on SBS 6. The BDO is along with about 60 other associations of the World Darts Federation ( WDF, founded in 1976 ). Apart from a group of professional athletes who manages all BDO British darts player. Since 1978, aligns the BDO World Championships since 2001 for women.

1992 split under the influence of Sky Television the Professional Darts Corporation ( PDC) of the BDO from whose tournaments are sent first in the Netherlands by the TV station RTL 5.

Through the change of many famous darts player from the BDO to the PDC, the PDC has now gained a greater role than the BDO international darts.