British Racing Green

RGB ( 59, 126, 0)

British Racing Green (British racing green ) denotes the decades usual green paint of race cars that was used by the British team. In British Racing Green denied the first time a Bugatti a race. The Bugatti Type 35 C of the British William Grover -Williams at the Grand Prix of Monaco in 1929 was painted in the dark green.

The final green color choice of the British, in which at the beginning of the 20th century banned race and civilian cars were limited to walking pace, probably goes back to a use of a race car the company Napier & Son on the "green island " Ireland.

The red Italian counterpart, Rosso Corsa, which is often only associated with Ferrari. France, in particular Bugatti used, light blue, German racing cars to 1934 white, then also silver ( silver arrow).

Although bright colors were used, a dark green metallic paint is meant by the vehicle paint area today mostly. So the new Mini from BMW in British Racing Green is available.