British Rail Class 395

The British Class 395 is a series of high-speed trains of the manufacturer Hitachi Transportation Systems, which is designed for traffic with Great Britain. Trains of this type have been used since 2009 by the railway companies Southeastern Railway on the English high-speed rail High Speed ​​One and other routes in southeast England.

During the 2012 Summer Olympics, the trains under the name Javelin ( spear dt ) were used for the transport to the Olympic Park, London.


2004, the contract to build the trains worth 250 million pounds has been awarded.

The first train arrived on 23 August 2007 by ship from Japan to Southampton one. He was presented at the opening of the refurbished St Pancras station in London and named after the British double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes.

As part of an extensive test program, a series of train reached 395 in April 2008 at the High Speed ​​One a top speed of 252 km / h The forward operation also began on the High Speed ​​One on 9 June 2009.

The use of trains reduced travel times in the internal market; since commissioning of the trains the journey from London St Pancras to Ashford only 37 minutes ( previously 83 minutes ). Travel times to Canterbury ( 60.5 minutes instead of 102 minutes ) and Folkestone (62.5 minutes versus 98 minutes ) have also shortened.

The full operation on the high- speed line was taken on December 14, 2009.


The 29 six-car trains have 348 seats in a class, are each 121.8 meters long and consist of two end cars and four intermediate cars. With standing room capacity is 508 people. The cars made ​​of aluminum were made ​​by Hitachi in Japan with the developed in Britain friction stir welding process.

The depot in Ashford (Kent) stationed trains will be supplied to the high-speed rail High Speed ​​One on the top line with alternating current. In classic tracks in Südnetz the supply of direct current via a side track.


Currently exclusively operates the railway company Southeastern Class 395 Since December 2009 she is employed on the route from London St Pancras via Ebbsfleet International and Ashford (using the high-speed rail High Speed ​​One ) to Ramsgate in Kent.

During the 2012 Olympic Games, which were held in London, the trains have been used in a shuttle service between St Pancras and the Olympic Park Close to Stratford International Station and this got the epithet Javelin ( ger spear ). The travel time between the two stations was seven minutes; it were offered up to eight links per hour. The total number of passengers was 1.4 million. Also at the Paralympic Games perverted units as Javelin.


Scharfenberg couplers allow multiple traction

Headlight of the train

Lettering on the side of the vehicle