British Retail Consortium

The British Retail Consortium ( BRC or ) is a trade association of UK retail companies. Its headquarters are in London, there is a regional association in Scotland and a representative to the EU in Brussels.


The association represents the interests of its members to governments, authorities and EU institutions. Your task consists first in classical lobbying: The representatives of the British Retail Consortium to influence legislation, for example in matters of fire protection or a rise in minimum wages in order to avoid the expense of its members. The British Retail Consortium collects and publishes information for example about price trends in retail. It also carries on retail -related campaigns on specific topics such as crime, environmental protection and healthy diet.

The British Retail Consortium defined by several retail chains defined as binding rules for suppliers in the food industry such as the BRC Global Standard and the regulations BRC - IoP ( for manufacturers of packaging materials for primary food packaging ) and BRC Consumer Products.

Practical significance

( Etc. Tesco, Marks & Spencer ) manufacture and foreign food producers, for the influential British retail chain store brands, are in fact forced to BRC certification, otherwise no business is concluded. In Germany, the BRC certification by accredited certifiers, such as Intertek, the German Association for the Certification of Quality Management Systems (DQS ) or the IFTA AG Berlin, offered.