Britten-Norman Trislander

The Britten Norman Trislander ( more accurate term: BN -2A Mk III Trislander ) is a 18-seater (1 pilot, 17 passengers) equipped civilian passenger plane, which is driven by three propeller engines. The maiden flight of this type took place on 11 September 1970. The type is a stretched version of the Britten- Norman BN -2 Islander. The tail is completely new. A unique feature is the attached in the vertical stabilizer piston engine. Another feature of the Trislander is that it has no continuous transition. The Sitzanordung is usually a pilot and passenger in the cockpit and 16 seats for passengers, two side by side in the main cabin. The access to the bench by means of two doors on the left and three on the right. The luggage compartment in the rear fuselage part has its own access door on the left.

General data