Britzer Garten

The Britz Garden, named after the Berlin Britz, was created for the Federal Garden Show 1985 to provide the then cut off from the surrounding population in the south of West Berlin a new landscape park.

Location and History

The Britz garden was planted on arable land and allotments; largely However, existing allotments were obtained. It is located on the western edge of Berlin's Neukölln district and adjacent to the hamlet of Marie village. It is bordered by the main road axes Marie Damm, Mohriner Avenue, Buckower dam and Alt-Buckow/Marienfelder Avenue. At the edge of the main roads you can usually find open residential development. Even in the opening year 1985 was the planning intention, an extension of the Berlin city motorway from junction grade road through the garden area through to build up to the outskirts of Berlin, there to be able to set up a new border crossing with continuation to the Berliner Ring.

The main entrance of the garden is located on Buckower dam next to the park near the cemetery Neukölln Britz mill. The forecourt adorns the fountain - sculpture Fettehenne by Rolf Szymanski. Other inputs are located on Sangerhauser way to the Tauern avenue, at the Mohriner Avenue, at Massiner way and at the floral axis ( on the eastern edge of the allotment laburnum ).

The Britz garden has 90 hectares and offers nature and garden architecture ( rose garden, rhododendron grove ), play areas and extensive lawns, architecture and art ( Karl Foerster pavilion ), lakes and hills as well as multicolored flower beds. In addition to the restaurant on the calendar space is also the largest with 99 meters in diameter sundial of Europe. It was designed by the architect Jürgen Dirk Zilling, Jasper Halfmann and Klaus Zillich.

The terrain can be with the Britz museum railway, which was built in 600 mm gauge, drive through. Some vehicles were modeled on historical models.

Organizationally, the Britz Garden belongs to the state-owned Grün Berlin GmbH, which also includes the Britz mill, the Marzahn Recreational Park ( opened in 1987 as the Berlin Horticultural Show ), natural park Beautiful Südgelände (former EXPO - 2000 project ) and the park at the railway triangle belong. Admission is free of charge.

In addition, throughout the year on events in the park instead (fixed place on the lake): from the Midsummer Fire Festival, Fall Kite Festival, fire flowers and classical open-air with a big fireworks display to jazz and classical concerts.

The café on the lake was designed by the architect Engelbert Kremser in its Erdbautechnik 1985.



Calendar space with pond

Autumn mood

Tulips show Tulipan

Dahlia show