The adze is used as an ax for hewing of logs to beams and part of the basic equipment of the carpenters. Today it has no more importance as sawmills have completely taken over his job.

The adze is about 50 to 70 cm long and differs in that one side of the head is flattened and the handle tilted runs to the head of the other axes and hatchets. There are right and left versions. In addition, the head is larger than the other axes. The cutting edge is sharpened on one side on the side to which the handle has. The wedge angle should be about 17 °. There are carpenters who know how to use the adze. With the reconstruction of entire half-timbered buildings this way of working is promoted again.


The hewing of logs goes back to creating a fixed habitation. First, however, found stone tools and later bronze tools for use. The Romans had already special axes for woodworking. With the mass production of iron for weapons and tools, these were specialized with time and more refined until the Middle Ages came the adze used today are used.

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